Rashing Spa is all about Max.

Rain continues to bother Belgium‘s Formula 1 Grand Prix. After two floods in June and July that seriously damaged the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, this weekend heavy showers in the Ardennes cause many parking lots to be blackened and that the race has been postponed until further notice. To the disgrace of the spectators, who have been in the stands for hours โ€” at best under an umbrella โ€” blueprints.

The police told visitors early that it could be moved to other pastures, far away from the track. Additional shuttle vans had been used for that. For the 75,000 spectators โ€” about half of whom are from the Netherlands โ€” the long wait started when Max Verstappen starts the race on pole.

Extra annoying for organization and racing fans is that the A25/E25 motorway had to be partially closed at the height of Liรจge due to the floods โ€” which at the time also destroyed the access road to the paddocks and caused the tunnels of Ster and Blanchimont to run full water. As a result, the pressure on the A27/E42 motorway increased, resulting in additional traffic jams.

Early to circuit

It was advised to come to the track at six o’clock. For those lucky enough to have a VIP card and were delivered by buses, everything went smoothly. Around half past eight, you could easily reach a car park, from where you were transported to the paddocks in a shuttle car after QR code check. On the way, an open window controlled body temperature at lightning speed.

The only traffic jam that you faced in the run-up to the Formula 1 race is in the fan zone for the Seven Decades, an open-air museum with Formula 1 cars from a grey past. At Max Verstappen fanshop, it was much more crowded before raining harder than neighbor Lewis Hamilton‘s shop. A little further away, the layman could get a little warm again in a booth where you can try to improve the Red Bull team’s tire change record.

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Phenomenon Max

Ver from there, the ‘Dutch’ stand was full of floating wet compatriots. The Verstappen stand is marked with an orange cube specially marked on the official map of the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix, indicating that much of everything is about phenomenon Max. That fascination with that one young Limburger can only be surpassed next weekend in Zandvoort. For now, waiting for the hero continues.