Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart in Insomniac called the most beautiful game

Yesterday Insomniac released a gameplay trailer Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which pleasantly surprised many with the level of graphics – even the developers themselves can not but brag about the result of their For example, the studios communications director James Stevenson wrote the following: โ€œI played it at home on his 77-inch OLED TV. Its the most beautiful game Ive ever seen. The team managed to create a vivid example of PS5s capabilities.

โ€ The words of leading designer Drew Murray, who left The Initiative in early February and returned to Insomniac, turned out to be even louder. โ€œIts the most beautiful game ever.

Exactly. Of course, then it will be surpassed, but on June 11 there will be no more beautiful game in the world.

And I didnt have a hand in creating it โ€” just watched the development since returning to Insomniacโ€ . Under the impression there was also a game developer from the YouTube channel More Cherno – in his videos he watches some video games videos and describes his emotions from what he saw, and periodically shares some details.

Speaking of โ€œThrough the Worldsโ€, he marks an incredible level graphics – in the frame constantly something happens, and the developers are clearly with great care about the universe. Seeing the scene with the city from the alternative universe, he did not stand: โ€œShit, here would Cyberpunk 2077 look like this.

โ€ The blogger as a whole surprises the huge attention to detail โ€” whether it be the effects of explosions or objects on the background in the defocus. He is impressed by the work of artists who managed to combine realism and animation simplicity, which together forms an incredibly pleasant eye.

What is interesting is the whole of yesterdays trailer Ratchet & ; Clank was recorded in real time with PS5. Overall most people were left under a pleasant impression of the overall level of graphics.

More about the game will be told on the night of Thursday to Friday – exactly at midnight the special State of Play will begin. The project itself is released on June 11 only on PS5.

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