Raw Fury to release Norco gothic adventure

Independent publishing house Raw Fury announced a collaboration with the Geography of Robots studio. Its result will be the release of the sci-fi gothic adventure Norco. The game will appear on Steam, its release date is not yet.

Geography of Robots, consisting of actually the only developer Yutsi, devotes its game to โ€œpsychogeographic explorationโ€ of the American South. And in the place of action, the industrialized city of Norco, the location of the creator is guessed: Louisiana and Red River County.

Brother Blake disappeared after the death of the protagonists mother. To find it, players will have to follow a runaway cyborg guard through refineries, shopping centers and drainage ditches in the suburbs of New Orleans.

disappearing brother, players will face moral dilemmas, choose between battles and stealth, meet a dog with mad eyes, explore the deserted forests along the Mississippi and Sail by boat through cypress swamps. The game world intertwines past and future, from Southern Gothic literature to classic adventure games.

The creators drew inspiration from urban myths, conspiracy theories, folklore, and ethnos of the American South. More on CCeit Zhirinovsky voiced himself in the shooter Call of LDPR from the studio of Ilya Maddison Authors Among Us explained why the game is so slow developing Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood is released on February 10.