Ray Fisher again blames WB: ‘I was asked to play Cyborg like it was Quasimodo’

Ray Fisher, who performed the role of Cyborg in โ€œJustice Leagueโ€, once again criticized the authors of the theatrical version. In this case, the actor made several specific claims โ€” according to him, higher producers had engaged in a number of racist conversations and demanded equally outrageous changes. Jeff Jones, whom Fisher had criticized earlier, allegedly said โ€œyou can‘t put an evil dark-skinned hero at the center of the story,โ€ after which the roles of all the dark-skinned characters in the film were cut.

And Fisher was also required to play Cyborg like it was Quasimodo. In addition, according to the actor, one of the scenes in the film was re-shot only to emphasize Cyborg’s presence of a penis.

Finally, Fisher added that Snyder‘s version of the film presents the opposite situation and apparently completely satisfies the artist. And from Warner Bros.

producer Walter Hamada, he’s waiting for an apology to everyone involved in the investigation. More on CCeit Bill Burr about the dismissal of Gina Carano: โ€œThese are crazy timesโ€ Psychonauts 2 will translate into 5 languages – among them there is no Russian Cyberpunk Wild Dose adventure is out on Kickstarter.