RDR 2, Control, Assassins Creed โ€” on skits of new PS Store sales

The PlayStation Store has launched two sales, โ€œTrue Favoritesโ€ and โ€œHot Offers,โ€ with discounts reaching up to 75%. Both run through September 16. Among the interesting deals (price without discount): Red Dead Redemption 2 โ€” 1639 rubles (3999 roubles) Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition โ€” 1196 rubles (2849 roubles) It Takes Two & mdash; 2,174 rubles (2899 roubles) Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate โ€” 1749 rubles (3,499 roubles) Days Gone โ€” 1709 rubles (2849 roubles) Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition โ€” 2,136 rubles (2849 roubles) ) Resident Evil 2 Remake โ€” 919 rubles (2299 rubles) Full Edition Control โ€” 1424 rubles (2849 rubles) (1139 rubles with PS Plus) Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla Deluxe โ€” 3,189 rubles (5799 roubles) Crash Bandicoot Quadrilogy set โ€” 3,177 rubles (5669 roubles) Expanded edition of The Last of Us Part II โ€” 2699 rubles (3599 roubles) Apex Legends (Champion Edition) โ€” 2239 rubles (3,199 roubles) (1919 rubles with PS Plus) F1 2021 โ€” 3549 roubles (4999 roubles) Expanded edition of God of War โ€” 1199 rubles (1999 roubles) (999 rubles with PS Plus) Mafia Trilogy โ€” 2199 rubles (3999 roubles).

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