RDW warns against counterfeit sites offering more expensive registration certificates

Every day, the RDW receives about a hundred calls about counterfeit sites that offer replacement license plates or tenaamstellen.nl at a higher cost. According to RTL News there are thousands of people who have transferred money and received nothing.

The government department has been warning about the problem since June. “We are the only ones who can provide a new registration certificate, so you are always more expensive via another site,” says a spokesperson.

Via various website names, such as rdwservice.nl and tenaamstellen.nl, registration certificates are offered for 10 to 20 euros more expensive.

Potential victims end up on these pages via search engines such as Google, where they appear at the top of the search results. In terms of layout, the sites are similar to those of the RDW.

The police have received about 180 reports about it since April, writes RTL News. The sites are still online, because according to the police it takes months to determine whether such a website is malicious. Mediation sites are legal after all, as long as the service is actually provided and there is no question of plagiarism.