Reaction Raiola on situation-Zahavi: ‘Draw 100,000 euros as ‘insurance”

Case manager Mino Raiola has reacted shocked to the situation surrounding PSV striker Eran Zahavi. The family of the Israeli was raided on Sunday and seriously threatened. Raiola calls for better security for football players.
Raiola, who, incidentally, is not Zahavi‘s agent, but in general wants to say something about the situation, is shocked. “In the Netherlands, this strikes like a bomb, because fortunately we are not used to it. But violent robberies and robberies have unfortunately been raging for much longer in the big football countries. Copy-cat behavior has now been skipped to our country. Through social media, players give up too much privacy. It gives people crazy ideas,” says Raiola to De Cceit.
Raiola sees a lot of criminals exhibit copying behavior. “In the past, criminals had a code, a lower limit. They didn’
t touch women and children. Now they really have nothing to do with everything,” says the Haarlemmer. “The Netherlands was a wonderful country for the football players. Even in Amsterdam they could live quietly on the street and in a normal house. That relaxation was even a reason for some to opt for the Eredivisie.”
He points to the situation in Brazil, where many drive armored cars. “Not here yet, because it costs seven hundred thousand euros; in Brazil thirty grand. I think there are half a million such cars out there. (…) Let me inform you. I have already come to the conclusion that personal security is unfortunately inevitable nowadays.”
“If you earn two million euros gross, then allocate one hundred thousand euros as insurance. An insurance for a longer and safe life”, concludes Raiola.

According to Mino Raiola, it is important that footballers in the Netherlands protect their families and themselves from the criminals. “Unfortunately, that is very necessary.”
— The Cceit (@telegraaf) May 10, 2021