Reader question: what to do about flattened floor coverings?

Every week, household expert Zamarra Kok helps readers with pressing household questions.


Smits: โ€œThe floor covering in my bedroom has already been completely flattened after half a year. I try to get the floor covering back with the piston as it was, but unfortunately this does not work. How can I make my floor covering back to the old one?โ€

Zamarra: โ€œUnfortunately, vacuuming is the only thing you can do to give flat carpet some volume again. It has a lot to do with the quality of your carpet and underlay carpet. Underlay carpet can support your carpet from below so that the yarns stay in their original position and therefore less flat.โ€


Pia: โ€œYou recommend brushing with melamine (miracle) sponges in case of attack, but isnt that harmful to the environment?โ€

Zamarra: โ€œMelamine sponges do not release microplastics, like the classic green scouring pads. So it is the better choice.โ€

Perfume stain

Pake Menno: โ€œMy grandson came to ask me for advice about a deflated perfume bottle in his new suede jacket. Big stain. How can he clean this with my help?โ€

Zamarra: โ€œPerfume contains chemicals that can harm the suede, if you start working with cleaning products yourself, there is a chance that it will get worse. So in this case, I prefer to go to a dry cleaner with the jacket.โ€