Reader reactions: ‘We crave a harsh winter’

Every week we gauge the opinion of readers via This time: are you longing for an old-fashioned cold winter?

We havent had an icy winter with snow and ice fun in years. Many of you are yearning for an old-fashioned harsh winter.

Marian van Trigt is such a fan. โ€œI can freeze it tomorrow until the end of March! Please with heavy snowfall.โ€

The mail from Arjan Schaap came straight from the heart. โ€œI long for an ice and snowy winter with dry frost and sun. I am from 1970 and from 1975 to 1995 we were in north-east Groningen every year. Get out of bed early, go to the frozen pond in front of our house, try if it loved and then skate! That cosiness, cucko-and-zopie, chasing the girls, what a great time. Unfortunately, that is over.โ€

Others dont mourn that. Mr Rietveld points out the drawbacks: โ€œHigher heating costs, cars in the wreck. Im almost 83, shopping is harder.โ€

Although not all older readers think that way. Mrs Jongewaard from Uden writes: โ€œDespite my age of 77, I look forward to snow and ice.โ€ I also hope for a winter period with ice skating fun, possibly with a mouthcap. Just a little rash cosiness again.

Ice cream? No, thank you!

I dont want a lot of snow and ice at all! The last fourteen years we spent the winters in a warm (er) country and that was wonderful! Beach and sea, great swimming and hiking.

Alina Hanskamp


Nice dry, stiff freezing weather is the very best for humans. Always better than that humid weather. So in the daytime a clear sky with about five degrees below zero and at night 12 to 15 degrees below zero… Delicious!

P. Bos

Riding over IJsselmeer

I lived from 1960 to 1983 in the Wieringermeer and experienced quite some winters, I drove twice by car over the IJsselmeer and I saw snow dunes of meters high! How nice it would be if we could skate on real ice again.

Harry the Great

Snowstorm 79

The blizzard of February 14, 1979 I will never forget. It just snowed through. On the radio we heard that the north was completely closed by snow dunes of up to six meters high!! The army was deployed to provide food for enclosed villages. Snow? Id love to, but Id rather not so extreme

Marcel Brouwer

Real winter

Of course I long for a real winter in the Netherlands. As a child, I have experienced several harsh winters. Later I went to the Elfstedentocht twice as a spectator. How wonderful it would be to be able to experience that again!

Jos Wintershoven