Readers about working at home: to do, but boring

Weekly we gauge the opinion of readers. This time: do you like working from home or do you miss the office?

Many Dutch people have been working at home since March 2020. Its time to take pool height. Do you like this or do you miss the office? Judging by the reactions, the distribution seems to be a little half to half. A group of people benefit from live contact with colleagues and there are people who dont want to do anything else since working from home.

Leon van Elshout is someone who thinks working from home is ideal. โ€œAdjust a bit for everyone, but its fine; what a saving for the environment, the wallet and in time!โ€

Monique Valk sees both advantages and disadvantages. โ€œIts fine to do, but very boring because I live alone. In addition, it is nice that I do not have to leave the door at 06.15 to catch the train from Capelle aan den IJssel to Amsterdam. Still, I never thought that I would be longing for 020 as born and raised Rotterdam!โ€

Mieke Both thinks working at home is ideal, but is aware of her favorable living situation. โ€œI have a man who makes coffee, not small children and a quiet, separate workplace where I can concentrate better and be much more productive.โ€ In March, I worked alone at home and my husband went to his own office. Mentally, however, things were getting worse; I missed the interaction with colleagues. In December I went to my husbands office. Full-time work from home is bad for you.

Joep Smeets

: As a field worker I have been working at home for years, the workplace is not the problem. Not visiting customers and occasionally being on the business is something youre going to miss. Just being home is going to resist.

Leon van den Elshout: Since I work completely at home, I feel fitter. I dont miss the office at all. But thats also due to the commuting distance. I contact colleagues via Teams, Facebook, LinkedIn or WhatsApp; there is no shortage of work contact.

I want to work at home full-time!

Mieke Both: I work at an insurance company and have been doing it at home since March. The first weeks I did not like, I missed the conviviality and claim of colleagues. In the meantime, I really wouldnt want any other way. I have a separate room where I can work quietly without being disturbed.

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