Readers questions: how do I best get my composite countertop clean?

Every week our household expert Zamarra Kok answers pressing household questions.

Evelien van Dalen: I have a number of ice creams that have a blue glow over them

Zamarra: A blue glow indicates devitrification of the glass. This is a process by which the glass becomes crystal again, thus increasingly opaque. This happens in the dishwasher under the influence of heat and detergents. Unfortunately this is irreversible.

Pim Groeneveld: There are grease splatters on my roller blind in the kitchen

Zamarra: Try it first with a drop of detergent. If that doesnt work sufficiently, then use benzene.

Marion Verhoeff tipped to treat a composite countertop with Arte stone cream. Spray a little here and there and treat the entire counter top with a damp cloth. Then remove everything with a clean, wet chamois. Finally apply a layer of car wax and rub it on. The countertop is like new and protected thanks to the wax layer. We were warned to keep the countertop dry, so dont leave water too long, because that will cause rings to appear

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