Real Madrid hits Liverpool in CL final after bizarre denouement against Man City

This year, the final of the Champions League will be between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The return in Bernabéu was at least as spectacular as the first race and had a bizarre ending: 3-1.
Real Madrid and Manchester City gave away a real spectacle last week and so the bar was particularly high. Playing football, however, it was at a significantly lower level, although tension was increasing and perhaps even more present than last week. The first event worth mentioning was the quarrel between Luka Modric and Aymeric Laporta after ten minutes of play after Manchester City players went to reclaim referee Daniele Orsato, after which Modric also reported. He got stuck with Laporta, both players got yellow.
The first big chance of the game was after nineteen minutes of play for Bernardo Silva, who saw a hard shot turned by Thibaut Courtois. It could have fallen in any direction after that. Karim Benzema was the absolute winner last week, but initially invisible in Madrid. As a result, Manchester City did not have too much trouble staying on its feet.

The first big opportunity is for Manchester City. Bernardo Silva is close to a goal after a nice ball from Kevin de Bruyne, but Thibaut Courtois is in the way. #UCL #RMAMCI
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) May 4, 2022

Real Madrid could have reversed the gap after nine seconds in the second half, were it not for Vinícius jr. Then it lapped on, after which Real Madrid trainer Carlo Ancelotti decided to intervene by bringing Marco Asensio and Eduardo Camavinga, Pep Guardiola switched defensively.
With great opportunities left and Real Madrid didnt make Manchester City difficult, the road to the Champions League final was open for the English club. Especially when Riyad Mahrez provided 0-1 in the final phase, requiring Real Madrid two goals to force an overtime.
From what happened next, Guardiola will wake up a few more times. After Manchester City failed twice to throw the game completely into the lock, Rodrygo ushered in the six-minute injury time with the connection goal, not to completely reverse the gap two minutes later. At Manchester City, they could hardly believe it, especially as Real Madrid reversed a backlog for the third time this season. That happened before against Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea.
ExtensionAlso in the extension, it quickly fell in the direction of Real Madrid, which was allowed to take a penalty after Ruben Días entered a duel too crass. Benzema, who missed three of the last five penalties, dared to stand behind the ball again. Now he did hit, which made the comeback complete.
Manchester City seemed completely drained, although it still got a big shot at the 3-2 via Phil Foden. In the second half of the extension, it proved incapable to enforce a penalty series. And so Ancelotti can win his fourth Champions League. He already did that twice with AC Milan and once before with Real Madrid.