‘Real Madrid is missing a lot of money in court day after Champions League exit. ‘

After the Champions League losing party against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (2-0), Real Madrid also suffered defeat in court. The club wanted to ensure, through a lawsuit, that it can sell broadcasting rights outside the organization of LaLiiga. Real also claimed that it had to receive 23 million euros in broadcasting rights.
The American news agency AP knows that. So Real wanted to fight two cases at once in a trial. The Royal has both lost the cases in court. Real has not yet responded to the decision of the judge.
The pronunciation represents a new blow for Real, after it seized Chelsea alongside the Champions League final. The current number two of the Spanish competition could have used the extra money well: Real is financially tough due to the coronapandemic. By setting up the Super League, the Madrians already tried to raise extra money. However, these plans were quickly put a line.