‘Real Madrid is really passé, but we already knew that. Really disconcerting’

Real Madrid was disconcerting in the semi-final of the Champions League. That concludes Wim Kieft at SBS6. Because of defeat against Chelsea, the Madrians will definitely not stand for their fourteenth final victory.
This is really passé, but we already knew that, says Kieft about Real Madrid. It was really disconcerting. What they were missing? Power, drive and the will to really do it again. They just can‘t do it anymore.
That also has to do with age, thinks Kieft. They have been trumped by an opponent who is much fresher, more eager and faster. Chelsea does really play reaction football, but they could have made five. I thought N’
Golo Kanté was the man of the game. They‘ve been searching Madrid all the way, on all sides.
Chelsea won an English Champions League final Wednesday night by defeating Real Madrid with 2-0. That was more than enough after last week’
s 1-1 in Spain. Timo Werner and Mason Mount made the goals.