Real Madrid shows interest in one of Englands greatest talents

The English growth brilliant Fabio Carvalho has played the spotlight of Real Madrid. The newly nineteen year old midfielder is making a big impression so far in service of Fulham this season and knows himself followed by several Premier League superpowers as well.
Carvalho was surefire in the English Championship in three of the first five league games this season. Fulham, which relegated from the Premier League last season, is England‘s proud second-level leader after five rounds of competition. Due to Carvalho’s good play, the London team is still undefeated: four wins, one draw.
The youth international impresses so much that even the big Real Madrid has an eye on the talented midfielder, knows The Daily Mail. Carvalho is seen as one of the greatest talents of the moment in England and not only Real Madrid, but also some of the major Premier League clubs keep a close eye on developments around Carvalho, writes the English medium.
At least Carvalho has already had his Premier League debut. Last season he took action at the highest level in England four times and made his first competition hit.