Real-president Pérez angry at Belgian after injury Hazard: ‘You hurt him’

Eden Hazard is one of the major Red Devils questioning the European Championships. The dribbler has been struggling with injuries since moving to Real Madrid. For example, he was eliminated for some time after a duel with Thomas Meunier, who then ran into an angry Florentino Pérez.
Just when Hazard finally seemed to get fit after a tough start at Real Madrid in November 2019, he met his compatriot in the Champions League duel with Paris Saint-Germain. After a rightback duel, the attacker went to the ground. Diagnosis: an ankle injury, which caused him to be disabled for weeks again.
Meunier was the bitten dog, although he still thinks he doesn‘t blame him. Wingdefender said it was a ‘normal duel‘. “A harmless contact between a defender and an attacker,” he says in Meunier, tôt ou tard. Anyway, Hazard had a lot of trouble. After the race, Meunier walked through the hall of Santiago Bernabéu Estadio, where he met President Pérez.
Meunier was pleasantly surprised at first. “Pleasant”, he opened. The Real Preses thought a little different about that. “He replied in French: Pleasant? You just injured Hazard! And you say “pleasant “to me?!” That fell wrong with the astonished Belgian again. “I was stunned and got a little carried away by him. I said, so it’
s my fault that Eden is injured?!”
“But I didn‘t expect it,” Meunier laughs. “He’s the President of Real Madrid, spoke French and then this.”