Rebekah Timmer elected new chairman of Bij1

Rebekah Timmer is the new chairman of political party Bij1, report NRC and Het Parool. 74 percent of the members supported her candidacy at the general assembly of members today, although the selection committee issued a negative opinion on its possible presidency.

Timmer is the successor to Jursica Mills. He stepped up as chairman of Bij1 more than a week ago. According to her, the party was full of โ€œtoxicity, favoritism and contradictionsโ€. With the disappearance of Mills, Timmer had no more opponents.

In the parliamentary elections, Timmer was third on Bij1s list. She is now an employee of party leader Sylvana Simons in the Chamber. However, the selection committee did not consider it suitable for the position of party chairman: โ€œRebekah has made it clear that it envisages a specific vision for the course of the party and wishes to pursue this course as chairman of the partys boardโ€, the negative opinion states.

โ€œThe emphasis on the importance of vision over the importance of working together and reaching consensus within the national government can greatly complicate processes within the upcoming national government.โ€ In addition, the selection committee saw too little attention at Timmer for practical administrative tasks that come with the presidency.

The Amsterdam branch of Bij1 also opposed Timmers candidacy. Several other members did support Timmer. The resigned Chairman Mills argued that as one of the reasons for her departure: โ€œIf lesser-known members receive negative advice, they are okay with that. But at Rebekah, people are going to take action,โ€ she said in Het Parool.