Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy final well see on August 13

Fans of the epic โ€œEvangelionโ€ saga will be able to find out as early as August 13, how the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy, based on the anime series, ends. On this day, the final film, Evangelion: 3. 0+1.

0: Thrice Upon a Time, will be available on Prime Video, which was originally scheduled to premiere in 2015. After a string of postponings, the fourth part will be available on Prime Video of the updated saga, viewers outside Japan will be able to watch with the rest of the movies.

On the same day, โ€œEvangelion 1. 11: You are (Not) Aloneโ€, โ€œEvangelion 2.

22: You (Won‘t) Passโ€ and โ€œEvangelion 3. 33: You (Not) Fixโ€ will appear on Prime Video.

These films ran from 2007 to 2012. As we know, the first three parts of the remake retell the events of the animated series โ€œEvangelionโ€ with updated graphics and adding new scenes and characters.

Evangelion: 3. 0+1.

0: Thrice Upon a Time stands a mansion: we will see an alternate story development with a new ending. The film’s creators thanked all Evangelion fans for support and patience.

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