Rebuttal: Blober Teams new games are far from new

Yesterday we wrote about the networks descriptions of three new Bloober Team games under the working names H2O, Black and Dum Spiro. However, as it soon turned out, all three projects are far from new. One of these games is already out, the second one will never come out, and about the third we have been a couple of years as know.

Blober Team head Peter Babenaud, in response to Michal Kruhls tweet, described the hype surrounding the find asโ€ a lot of noise out of nothing. โ€ As it turns out, all three games have been very familiar to us for a long time, and the confusion was that they were not immediately linked to working names.

So, H2O was codenamed Layers of Fear 2. The game was released in 2019, and in May this year it was ported to Nintendo Switch.

Dum Spiro announced in 2016, and Creative Europe allocated โ‚ฌ150,000 to the game. However, the project never left the pre-production stage and the chances that Bloober Team will someday return to this idea are small.

Finally, Blacks first descriptions appeared on Creative Europe in 2019 of the year. Work on a game involving aliens in the Middle Ages is still ongoing, but its not known when we hear the official announcement.

As for what Blober Team is working on, the studio itself has long been about told it. Creators of The Medium want to move on to creating high-budget games and releasing them every one and a half or two years.

The first of these projects is being created in collaboration with Konami, and is suspected of a new part of Silent Hill, although neither side has been confirmed. Blober Team is not going to be completely out of games are in the middle price category, but mainly the third party studios plan to develop them.

Anshar Studios, for example, entrusted some of the work on Observer: System Redux. More on Game Nintendo announces new Switch with OLED screen Metro Exodus authors working on new brand In the future Sony will release more โ€œdirectors versionsโ€ pastimes.