Recipe of the day: Berthes blind finches

I had to laugh terribly at this recipe, blind finches in sour cream. Those horrible dull blind finches dressed with a Stroganoff-like sauce. With which it suddenly looks like an exciting โ€œworldlyโ€ dish.

Before the recipes of Berthe Meijer it was only a wasteland in the Netherlands. Not an ounce of frivolity and nothing exotic at all. Berthe Meijer died a few years ago. She wrote a large collection of recipes. Often with clearly recognizable Jewish influence but she was also at home in French and English cuisine. I have written it here many times, when I am searching myself I read in her recipes for an hour and the source flows again.

Blind finches are chopped into a veal slab. Slavinks chopped into slices of bacon. Roast the blind ticks all around in butter. Let them be cooked on low heat in 20 minutes. Then put the heat high, pour the gin over it. Let the gin evaporate. Put the Blind finches in a bowl. Put the sour cream in the pan, stir in dill, and the tomato ketchup, some salt, some pepper, just as well as pour over the blind finches. Little spicy paprika powder left over and thats really cooking. Make nothing a party.

Required for 4 people:

โ€ข 4 blind finches

โ€ข 1 tbsp butter

โ€ข 1 glass of gin

โ€ข 1 cup of sour cream, 200 gr

โ€ข 2 tsp dried dill

โ€ข 2 tsp tomato ketchup

โ€ข pepper and salt

โ€ข pinch of spicy paprika