Recipe of the day: chops

I walked a long time ago at a fair in Zeeland, a man named Ludo Haers gave me a booklet with the curious title #meermoetaniezijn. Haers waved and had already disappeared, but after a long search I saw that he is a lecturer in Gastronomy at the Scalda, say the ROC of Zeeland. And then one that everyone knows and who also has a deep love for the Zeeland product. Nice dishes. One I pick out, not especially Zeeuws but very suitable for when the weather is disappointing outside.


โ€ข4 chops preferably of unspoken origin

โ€ข3 tsp peppercorns

โ€ขleaves of 3 sprigs of thyme

โ€ข1 tbsp olive oil

โ€ข4 apples

โ€ข3 tbsp calvados

โ€ข2 dl crรจme fraรฎche

โ€ขlumps of butter


Rub peppercorns with thyme leaves and salt finely in a mortar and pour in oil. Lubricate this marinade over chops. Leave for an hour.

Peel the apples, cut into slices and slices. Fry in a lump of butter over high heat. Put aside.

New lump of butter in the pan. Fry the chops nicely brown on two sides. Let them stew and put them out of the pan, on the baked apples. Pour the calvados with the hot butter into the pan, add two teaspoons of water and the crรจme fraรฎche.

A little more salt, maybe, some pepper, sure, and boil over high heat into a thick cream sauce. Here the chops and the pieces of apple are pampered by heating them calmly.