Recipe of the day: still brown bean soup

Winter weather requires winter food!

A while ago I was in my beloved Ireland. What did I see there? Snow on the hills of the Wicklow Mountains. Snow that stayed down. And in between, some cheerful lambs jumped and shouted, โ€œIsnt it supposed to be a grade of 12?โ€

Shall we have a warm cup of brown bean soup on the footboard between winter and spring? Rinse the beans and drain. Put half in a food processor or put a hand blender in it and mash the beans.

Fry the bacon cubes in some butter. The most convenient, of course, is to put that in a soup pan. Add the nips and let go together for a while. Then you can add the rest of all the vegetables. Leave to bake for at least two minutes. You can smell it by itself, when it smells, its good. Add broth and let the vegetables cook for another 10 minutes. Now add the rest of the broth and immediately the beans and the bean puree. Leave on a very small burner for half an hour. Blub, blub, thats all. Can pull the flavors together. Little smoked sausage still? I certainly would. Any green from the celery root fresh through? Very tasty.

It is


โ€ข 1 large can of beans (800 gr)

โ€ข 1 large onion, chopped

โ€ข 1 leeks, only white in thin rings

โ€ข 1 small celery root in cubes

โ€ข 50 gr bacon cubes

โ€ข 1 liter beef broth

โ€ข salt and pepper