Recipe of the day: stuffed tortillas

A nice recipe from Jill Dupleix. For years she took care of the daily recipes in the English Times. I may be wrong, she did a google cleanup on the Internet, but believe she lives in Australia again. This is one of those classics of hair, half Greek, half everywhere recipe that excels by simplicity. And those are the good recipes.

Necessary for 4 people:

โ€ข500 gr spinach

โ€ข400 gr mozzarella

โ€ข200 gr blue-mold cheese

โ€ข8 flower tortillas


Spinach just wash, set up with water and let it shrink. Pour, squeeze out, and finely chop. Season with salt and pepper. Cut the mozzarella into thin slices and crumble the blue cheese. Top four tortillas with mozzarella and sprinkle the blue cheese on top, spread the spinach. Put a second tortilla on top.

Fry the stuffed tortillas one at a time in three minutes each side lightly brown and melted inside. Continue until all the tortillas are baked. Cut into quarters and serve. Oh, yes, I always put some pieces of jalapeno pepper through it (Mexican trade, you have to be for the tortillas).