Record number of 41 parties returns candidate list for elections

A record number of parties applied for the Second Chamber elections in March. The Electoral Council has announced that lists of candidates have been submitted by 41 parties. The previous record dates from 2017: four years ago, 28 parties took part in the elections.

In December it became clear that an unprecedented number of 89 party names had been registered. That is the first step towards participation in the elections.

The deadline for the next step, the submission of the names of candidates, passed yesterday. All the parties that are now represented in the House of Representatives are participating again. In addition, we can vote on parties such as BIJ1 by Sylvana Simons, JA21 of the former FVD‘ers Joost Eerdmans and Oranjefan Johan Vlemmix’s Party.

Restore omission

In the coming days, the parties will still be able to correct any omissions. This concerns, for example, sufficient declarations of support. In order to participate, a party must obtain 20 support declarations in each constituency.

It is striking that 35 parties have not yet met all the requirements. Among them are established names such as the PvdA, the CDA and the VVD.

The Electoral Council will announce in a public meeting on Friday which lists of candidates are valid and how many parties will participate definitively. The order in which the parties will appear on the ballot will also be clear.

In order to participate in the elections, new parties also have to pay a deposit of 11,250 euros. They will get it back if they reach at least 75% of the electoral divider in the elections. The declarations of support and the deposit are mandatory only for parties that did not reach a seat in the previous elections. Due to the coronacrisis, the parliamentary elections are spread over three days this year: 15, 16 and 17 March.