Record number of deaths from alcohol in England during pandemic

The number of alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales rose to record levels in the first nine months of last year. According to health experts, many British are seizing for the bottle because of the stress and isolation associated with the lockdowns that have to reduce the coronavirus.

Between January and September 5460 people died from alcohol abuse, an increase of 16 percent compared to the same period a year earlier, according to figures from the National Statistics Office. Liver and pancreatic diseases, mental disorders and alcohol poisoning were the main causes of death.

The United Kingdom went into lockdown for the first time on 23 March. Between April and September, the number of alcohol-related deaths was โ€œstatistically higherโ€ than every year in this century. The mortality rate among men was twice as high as in women, especially those of working age experienced the negative effects.


As the country is going through its third lockdown and unemployment is rising, there is little reason to believe that the situation is improving in the coming months.