Record number of infections Germany, booster shot for everyone

In Germany, health institute RKI has reported a record number of infections. In a time frame of 24 hours, 33,949 people tested positive for the coronavirus. Its the highest number since the start of the pandemic. The previous infection record dates back to December 18, 2020, when 33,777 people were tested positive.

Although since December last year, a large proportion of the adult German population has been vaccinated, about 77.5 percent, the number of infections is now increasing rapidly.

Germany is therefore going to give booster pricks to residents who were vaccinated more than six months ago. The Ministry of Health confirms this after reports from German media.

For a long time, there was a disagreement between the organizations of doctors and health minister Spahn, who believes that everyone should be able to get a โ€œrefresherโ€. His point of view caused confusion – general practitioners, among other things, received a lot of questions and stated that they could better spend their time differently.

Today, according to German media, the booster first becomes generally available to the elderly, care staff and people with a weak immune system. After that, the rest can be pricked again.

Fewer IC beds, outbreaks in nursing homes

According to Health Minister Jens Spahn, Germany is โ€œcurrently mainly dealing with a pandemic of the unvaccinated and it is gigantic,โ€ he said at a press conference yesterday. In some regions, the ICs are starting to fill up.

In addition to the fact that the number of vaccinated people does not increase or hardly increases, other factors also play part in the increase in infections. For example, in the elderly, the efficacy of a vaccine decreases slightly after six months, so they can still become infected and infect others. The corona measures are also not always followed tightly, such as the control of admission tickets.

There are fewer empty IC beds available in some places. There are also fewer IC nurses available due to burnouts and colleagues who have left. How high the pressure on the ICs is varies by state. Across the country, hospitals are already postponing planable operations.