Record number of migrants crossing UK via the Channel: 430 in one day


least 430 migrants crossed the Channel illegally to the UK on Monday. According to the British government, thats the highest daily rate ever. The previous record (416) was set in September last year.

Since early 2020, more and more illegal migrants have crossed the Channel, one of the worlds busiest shipping routes. Last year, it was about 8500 migrants. British media report that nearly 8,000 migrants made the life-threatening journey by 2021.

The migrants often travel in small inflatable boats, which in most cases are overcrowded. During the summer period, the number of boats usually increases due to better weather conditions. Most vessels depart from France.

The British Government has plans to reform the asylum seekers system. A bill increases the maximum penalty for illegal migrants from six months to four years. For human traffickers, thats gonna be life long. Parliament still has to agree to the law.