Record WOZ value of dwellings, strongest increase in years

The WOZ value of homes has reached a record high. On 1 January 2020, the average value was 270,000 euros, according to Statistics Netherlands. It is 8.9 percent more than twelve months previously and, moreover, the largest increase in years. The WOZ value has been rising for five years in a row, since the crisis in the housing market.

The strongest rise is in the Randstad conurbation. Weesp is a frontrunner, the average housing value rose by almost 22 percent there. A house there costs an average of 351,000 euros. With 750,000 euros the municipality of Bloemendaal has the highest average WOZ value, Delfzijl the lowest with 134,000 euros.

Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Of the four major cities, the WOZ value rose the most in Rotterdam by nearly 16 percent to 222,000 euro, followed by Amsterdam by 11 percent to 418,000 euro.

Of the provinces, the increase was greatest in Groningen and Flevoland, with 12 and 11 percent respectively. In Zeeland, the 5 percent increase was the lowest.

One year behind

The WOZ value (Value of Immovable Property) is the determination of the value of houses by municipalities, taking into account selling prices, type of house, size and location. The number is used for the tax return, a mortgage, and for the amount of municipal taxes (ozb, waste disposal levy and sewerage levy).

The WOZ value of a house is approximately one year behind the actual price, because the houses are valued at the actual value on 1 January the year before.