“Recount in Wisconsin will cost Trump millions”

US President Donald Trump has to go deep into the pocket if he wants a recount of the votes to take place in the northern state of Wisconsin. Thats what the highest electoral officer in that state said. A request for a recount is not yet in Wisconsin, told the official.

Tuesday, the final results are expected. A recount can then be requested on Wednesday, but the costs, about $7.9 million (about €6.7 million), must be paid in advance by the applicant.

Democrat Joe Biden, the winner of the elections, managed to get a head start of around 20,000 votes in the preliminary result, about 0.62 percent in the northern state that was still going to Trump in 2016. The cost of a recount is paid by the State of Wisconsin if the difference is less than 0.25 percent.

When Trump requests a recount, the question is whether that makes a lot of sense. After a recount of votes in 2016, it turned out that only 131 votes were counted incorrectly. President Trumps campaign team had announced immediately after the election that it would request a recount. The Republican Party raises money among voters, among other things, for those recounts, but also for legal proceedings. Given the size of Bidens lead, however, the question remains whether the Republicans will actually apply for the recount in Wisconsin.