‘Rector school Rotterdam must leave because of impure and transgressive behaviour’

Director and director Wim Littooij of the Islamic Avicenna College in Rotterdam has to resign immediately, reports NRC. According to the newspaper, the director was informed today by the supervisory board.

Proceeding are the results of an investigation by the Integrity Bureau of Netherlands Municipalities (BING). According to the report, Littooij (72) has behaved ‘cross-border’ and ‘impure’ and has put critical members of the participation council under pressure. He is also said to have used his staff as a means of exerting pressure in negotiations on his contract renewal.

Start Ibn Ghaldoun

The Avicenna College was founded in 2014 as a relaunch of the Ibn Ghaldoun school, which went bankrupt after an examination fraud by students. The school began again with a new name and a new management board with Littooij at the helm, and for a long time it was regarded as an example of a success story.

In recent years, the school found itself in an internal power struggle. The participation council and the supervisory board felt that Littooij was taking too much power and did not want to continue with him. But teachers sided with the director en masse and, according to the AD, started a signature campaign to keep Littooij on board.

According to the NRC, integrity agency BING places the responsibility for the conflict mainly with Littooij. He would consistently “think he is right on his side”, despite several rulings of the court and educational dispute committee to his disadvantage.

Wim Littooij was not available for comment.