Red Bull Racing is waiting for green light: ‘This is not blackmail’

Red Bull Racing hopes to soon announce that it will take Hondas engines into its own management after this year. The Max Verstappen team is demanding a stop to the development of Formula 1 power sources from 2022.

That says top advisor Helmut Marko, who confirms that Red Bull and Honda agree on a takeover. The Japanese manufacturer announced last year that it will stop as an engine supplier in Formula 1 after this season. โ€œEverything has been arranged between us. But everything is really okay, if we have written proof from the FIA that the development stop on the motor-side is coming,โ€ says Marko against Auto, Motor und Sport.

Red Bull insists on this development stop, because it lacks the facilities, know-how and engineers to develop engines. In Formula 1 there are three other suppliers of power sources: Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault. Mercedes and Ferrari said they were able to live with a development stop, also in view of costs. New Formula 1 engines are not expected until 2026, but this may be highlighted for a year.

No blackmail

Marko states that a decision of motorsport federation FIA on the freezing of the engines is expected next week. The Austrian sincerely hopes that the FIA and other suppliers will come to an agreement. And else…?

โ€œ That would mean that Red Bull would have to drastically reconsider its Formula One situation,โ€ says Marko, who says there is no plan B. Red Bull does not want to go back to the situation that it acts as a customer team of, for example, Renault as in the past. โ€œThis is not blackmail. Because of its capacity and cost, an engine stop is the only way.โ€

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