Red Cross sends hundreds of emergency workers to Guinea due to Ebola outbreak

The Red Cross deploys 700 aid workers to combat the recent new Ebola outbreak in the West African Guinea. The aid organization is deeply concerned about the situation there.

The hundreds of emergency workers who are now going to Guinea are being used in the source and contact research on Ebola infections. They also provide clean water and sanitation and help to bury the Ebola dead safely.

The disease is in the country for the first time in five years. In early February, the first cases came to light after a funeral of a nurse. In the meantime, four people have died of the virus and at least four others have been hospitalized.

โ€œThe time is running.โ€

In Ebola epidemic between 2014 and 2016, over 11,000 people died in Guinea. In 2016, WHO declared the country Ebola free.

โ€œ Time is running out,โ€ says Mohammed Mukhier, head of the International Red Cross in Africa. โ€œThe virus will come back at the worst possible moment.โ€ Mukhier is particularly concerned because Guinea also has to do with the coronapandemic.