Red Dead Online accrues bonuses for moonshiners and naturalists

Developers from Rockstar studio announced that this week Red Dead Online players will receive twice as much RDO $ and experience for plot tasks of moonshiner and bootlegerry tasks, and to transfer the hut moonshiner there is a 50% discount. Also twice the experience of the role and RDO $ is credited for events of free mode for naturalists, and until January 25 inclusive twice as much experience and gold is credited for all In addition, players will receive 3000 club experience points and 5 strong medications for entering Red Dead Online this week. Owners of the IV gang pass will also get a free vest, shirt and hat up to level 15.

In addition, the discount is valid for the following Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalog products: multi class horses (30%), all pistols (30%), all pistols ( 30%), all gun belts (40%), all second holsters (40%) and all outerwear (40%).

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