Red Dead Redemption 2 failure, Sony exclusives on PC and other leaks from court with Epic Games

At night, a lot of documents of Epic Games flowed as part of the current trial with Apple, which revealed a lot of interesting details regarding the strategy of โ€œEpicsโ€ and indicators Epic Games Store. Theres a lot of interesting data โ€” well talk about everything basically, but briefly: Epic tried to negotiate with Sony on the release of 4-6 PlayStation games in EGS for $200 million. Apparently, though, the deal never took place or was revised, as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone are simultaneously released in several stores on PC, including Steam.

Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human originally came out in EGS, but published them not by Sony itself, but the developer Quantic Dreams published them. Only ReadySet Heroes and Predator became exclusive of Sonys games in the store: Hunting Grounds.

Epic also thought about cooperation with Microsoft, but there was competition here – Xbox owners developed Xbox Game Pass for RS and fought for the same content as โ€œEpicโ€. In addition, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer periodically met with Valve head Gabe Newell.

In addition, the studio thought to negotiate with Nintendo, but the probability of such an outcome is very small. A small team inside Epic Games wanted to update Unreal Tournament 3 and make the game free on EGS and Steam with a shared online one.

Initially, surprise was being prepared for May, but either plans changed or the release had to be postponed. The most successful giveaways of games to attract new users were: Grand Theft Auto V โ€” 7.

2 million accounts Civilization VI โ€” 2. 5 million Subnautica accounts โ€” 900 thousand accounts Total War: Troy and Remnant: From the Ashes โ€” 700 thousand accounts World War Z โ€” 650 thousand accounts Batman: Arkham โ€” 500 thousand accounts.

Red Dead Redemption 2 actually showed a failed launch in the Epic Games Store, where it was available a month earlier than Steam – on the launch day the volume of sales amounted to less than $2 million. For comparison Borderlands 3 โ€” $14m The Outer Worlds โ€” $4m Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 โ€” $2.

5m Metro: Exodus โ€” 2. 2 million On the example of Borderlands 3, we know that in the first couple of weeks the turnover of shooter sales in Epic Games Store amounted to about $77 million.

The volume of sales per day takes into account not only one game, but the entire store. If we talk about store revenue from a particular game at its start, the situation is as follows: The Outer Worlds โ€” 18 million dollars Red Dead Redemption 2 โ€” $13.

5 million Borderlands 3 & mdash; $75m World War Z โ€” $8m Metro: Exodus โ€” $11m. The most popular games in Epic Games Store in the majority are either shareware releases like Dauntless, Spellbreak or Rocket League, or projects from distributions like World War Z, Civilization VI, Football Manager 2019 and Remnant: From the Ashes.

The key exception was Borderlands 3. Some exclusive releases like SnowRunner and Rogue Company could not immediately earn guaranteed revenue – for the first six months the first managed to achieveonly 62% of the required amount, and the second – about 44% of the amount.

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