Red list rabbit and hare with endangered mammals, otter and seal

The hare and the rabbit are not doing well in the Netherlands. The species have been added to the Red List of Endangered Mammals. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality published the list today, the latest version was from 2006.

According to the Mammal Association, the populations of hares and rabbits have decreased by more than 60 percent since the 1950s. The feather calls it alarming that general species in the Netherlands are now under threat.

The new Red List shows that mammals in agricultural areas are struggling: the farm-land mammals. Eleven of the sixteen most endangered species in the Netherlands live in this area. Apart from the rabbit and the hare, things are also bad with the bunzing, the ermine and the acorn mouse.

Otter no longer on the list

Things are doing better with marine mammals and the larger mammals on land. The porpoise, and the common and grey seal, are no longer on the list. The same goes for the otter, beaver and tree marten.

Especially for the otter, says the Mammalian Association. At the time of the previous Red List, the otter had almost disappeared from our country. Among other things, the improvement of the otters habitat in recent years contributed to the fact that it is no longer an endangered species.