Red Notice became Netflixs second most watched movie

The new comedy action movie Red Notification has become Netflixs second-most watched movie. In the first ten days, viewers around the world spent almost 278 million hours watching the film โ€” the greater result is only for the thriller โ€œBirdboxโ€ (282 million hours), but the novelty may bypass these figures in the future. The tape with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds tells about thieves who hunt for treasure while they are being pursued by law enforcement.

Earlier, the director of the film Rawson Marshall Turber stated that potential sequel and tricquel can be removed at the same time. Given the popularity of the first tape, such a plan can easily come true.

Among the most popular films in English of the previous week (from November 15) on Netflix were: โ€œIn the Place of the Princess 3โ€ (30 million hours), โ€œThe Elusive Scent of Love โ€œ(21. 1 million hours) and โ€œSpy and a Halfโ€ (14.

9 million hours). The top of the other tapes were Love Without Measure (9.

63 million hours), โ€œ7 prisonersโ€ (9. 57 million hours) hours) and Yara (5.

66 million hours). Such data can now be tracked through a special website that recently launched an online cinema.

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