Red Salzburg takes out the purchase amount of ex-Ajax player Kristensen twice

Ex-Ajax player Rasmus Kristensen makes switch to Leeds United. The Danish right-back signed a five-year commitment on Elland Road.
Kristensen played for Ajax between January 2018 and mid-2019 and then left for Red Bull Salzburg for five million euros. However, three years later, the Austrians collect double that transfer fee. Borussia Dortmund and Brentford are also said to have been interested, but Leeds United is taking the Dane.
Leeds narrowly maintained at the highest level last season, but Kristensen saw it put immediately when he learned of the interest. โ€œI delved into the project and everything that happened and I never doubted,โ€ he says to the club channels. โ€œThis is a historic club that plays in the best league in the world and represents everything I appreciate in a football club. I know everything I need about Leeds, because I‘m from a small town (Brande, ed.) and most of my dad’s friends were Leeds fans.โ€

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โ€” Leeds United (@LUFC) June 8, 2022