‘Reducing travel movements’

Frank Vissering believes that the government should reduce the number of travel movements much further.

If a curfew is viewed as a serious measure to keep people at home, but the hundreds of thousands who make daily travel movements by public transport and at Schiphol are not stopped, I think we are completely wrong. The thousands of daily travel movements to supermarkets are also not under scrutiny. In all the above-mentioned travel movements and situations where keeping one and a half meters away is rarely observed correctly, these rare illegal parties or family visits are not in the wrong way. Stop flying for 3 weeks and use of public transport and make 3 weeks of the supermarkets drive-in supermarkets where you can pick up your groceries just like at the hardware stores: order digitally and pick up according to a timeslot.

Then we can continue to see our family and our loved ones and, in my opinion, we will see that the infestations will drop dramatically.

Frank Vissering, Laketown