“Referee at Young Boys – Ajax is like my grandmother who kept offering me stuff.”

The VAR, no one gets it. Edson Álvarez escaped from a penalty kick, where Ajax did get one in a similar situation. Next, the 1-2 of Young Boys is disapproved because of offside play. It is all very debatable and the reactions on social media are clear.
First of all the moments:

Now the referee does give a penalty kick! Dusan Tadic goes behind the ball and shoots far enough in the corner: 0-2. #rtl7 #UEL #yboaja pic.twitter.com/RWXRDUMG3i
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) March 18, 2021

Ajax cant complain tonight when it comes to Var moments. Young Boys seems to be up to 1-2, but after a few repetitions there is a dissipation. #rtl7 #UEL #yboaja pic.twitter.com/qbbo8vetTM
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) March 18, 2021

After the rejected 1-2, the reactions flow in.

Ajax really shouldnt complain with the VAR tonight. 😅 #youaja
— Bart Sanders (@bart_sanders) March 18, 2021

So Var no good. #ybaja #youaja
— ZiHz (@_zihZ) March 18, 2021

This is such a day that its your birthday and gets to unpack all presents #var #youaja #ybaja #yboaja
— R 💉 ta (@Ritax78) March 18, 2021

Seriously, this was a 100% penalty, as far as Im concerned. But then the Alvarez case was a 90% penalty kick. Its all something to me. #Ajax #ybaja #UEL
— Menno Pot (@mennopot) March 18, 2021

Whos the VAR tonight? Sjaak Swart or something? 😂 #youaja
— Rick Niehof (@rickniehof) March 18, 2021

This referee is like my grandmother who kept offering me things, even though I didnt really need anything. Disapproved goaltje still boy? #youaja
— Menko Arends (@MenkoArends) March 18, 2021

Tis already played but what a decisions 🤷‍♂️. #ybaja
— Kees Kwakman (@keeskwakman14) March 18, 2021

The world on its head indeed, so both hands, one is a penalty, the other is not. Players #Ajax and #YoungBoys could neither do anything about it. (And do not arrive now with the arm at one was 8cm higher than the other.) What a mockery that VAR #ybaja #youaja
— STOP THE VAR! ⚽️ (@VarStop) March 18, 2021