Referee Kamphuis does not love RKC: ‘This is incomprehensible ‘

Referee Jochem Kamphuis has not made himself popular with RKC Waalwijk. The arbitrator disapproved of the Brabanders 2-2 against Vitesse, after an offence was made on Maximilian Wittek.
In the run-up to the goal, Wittek was slightly worked to the ground, after which Kamphuis whistled for an offence. However, RKC was still in the process of an attack and a goal ended up falling out. However, the VAR was unable to view the situation since the arbitration had already given a free kick. Trainer Joseph Oosting disagreed and got yellow for protesting.
In front of the ESPN camera, the practice master responds to the rejected RKC goal. โ€œIn my opinion, it‘s not a violation,โ€ he says. โ€œAs a referee, you can keep this going well and let the VAR determine if it is an offence. This is really incomprehensible to me. It’s not an offense, but we don‘t buy anything for that.โ€
Also captain Melle Meulensteen has no good word for Kamphuis after the duel with Vitesse. โ€œIt wasn’
t easy with such a divorcee, I have to say honestly,โ€ says the defender. โ€œIt was definitely not his best match, I agree.โ€