Referees are next season almost mathematicians at offside

It takes some getting used to for the football fan, or not: even more technique and tricks to find out whether a player has committed a foul or was offside. The latter can be judged very sharply next season.

Voetbalbond KNVB presented a state-of-the-art technology system at a referee’s meeting in Zeist on Thursday that can be used to assess very accurately whether there is offside.

referees Dick van Egmond.

All those lines in the picture, the football romantics will undoubtedly resist. Incidentally, the new system cannot completely rule out the offside discussion, as there is a margin of error of ten centimetres.

But the KNVB put the system through. Van Egmond: “There are people who say that you shouldn’t pay attention to every inch and others think you should. We are trying to find a sensible balance in this.”

For Van Egmond it all boils down to this: “We want a more accurate determination of whether or not it’s offside. That can’t be done well enough with the video referee.”

Van Egmond lets go of modesty

And discussion about the new offside system or not, Van Egmond is a satisfied man anyway. After all, two Dutch referees asserted themselves at European level this week. Without math yet.

Björn Kuipers whistled in the Champions League semifinal on Tuesday and Danny Makkelie is the boss in the Europa League final, which will be played on Friday evening.

Is that confirmation that the referee’s club as a whole is doing well? Van Egmond: “Well, I have to be a bit modest, of course… Let me confirm it, yes.”