Regional broadcasters and CCEit jointly create additional journal from January

The thirteen regional broadcasters and DeccEit will start from 4 January jointly with a new news journal on NPO2. The CCEit Journal Region can be seen every working day at 18:15 hrs.

IncCeit Journal Region will be discussed regional news stories that are also interesting nationwide. The journal starts immediately after the six-hour news and is created by Bureau Regio, the editors of the regional broadcasters at DeccEit. After the two journals, NPO2 is followed by a new two-hour block of regional programmes: NPO Region.

Editor-in-Chief News Marcel Gelauff: โ€œWith this new initiative the knife cuts on two sides: the viewer gets an even broader view of what is happening in the Netherlands, and cooperation with the regional broadcasters deepens our journalistic quality.โ€

Capillaries of our society

Matthijs Nieuwenhuis, editor-in-chief Bureau Regio: โ€œThe regional broadcasters together with DeccEit stand for reliable and independent public news in the Netherlands. The regional broadcasters and their journalists are in the capillaries of our society and live, work and live among our audiences, so we know whats going on. The great thing is that we complement and reinforce each other by exchanging knowledge, information and content and producing together.โ€

The CCEit Journal Region fits in with the ambition of the cabinet to bring more content from regional broadcasters to the attention of a national audience. At the same time, it is a new step in a collaboration between DeccEit and regional broadcasters that has existed for decades.

More interest in regional news

The cooperation between DeccEit and the regional broadcasters leads to increased interest in regional news, according to figures on the online visit. In the first eleven months of 2020, the regional articles at DeccEit attracted 317 million unique visitors. That is about 11 percent of the total number of visitors

CCEit Journaal Regio is presented alternately by Rob van Dijk (RTV Utrecht) and Nejifi Ramirez (AT5/NH/ CCEit). Fixed replacements are Cindy de Koning (Omroep Gelderland and Omroep Brabant) and Daniรซl Godinho Veiga (RTV Oost).

On NPO1, the regional blocks in the CCEit Journal of 12:00 and 15:00 continue to exist.