Reinout Oerlemans sells villa in LA for $70 million

Former actor and entrepreneur Reinout Oerlemans sold his villa in Los Angeles for 70 million dollars (almost 60 million euros) to singer Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd. According to the Wall Street Journal, its one of the biggest real estate deals in Los Angeles this year.

Oerlemans and his wife bought the property for more than $21 million in 2015. They spent a few years doing the renovation.

The 3000 m2 villa comes with all the luxury. The property includes nine bedrooms, a sports court, a spa with sauna, large indoor and outdoor pool, cinema and music studio.

The couple didnt intend to sell it according to the newspaper, but they received an offer that they couldnt refuse.

The Wall Street Journal posted a photo of the house on Instagram.