Reinstated power supply in Lebanon

In Lebanon, electricity supply has been restarted after yesterday‘s power outage. The whole country was running out of power for almost a day, after the two biggest power plants shut down due to a fuel shortage. Hyperinflation meant there was no money to buy fuel.

The biggest problems now appear to be over, as the central bank has approved a credit of $100 million (more than 86 million euros). With that money, fuel can be imported again.

In addition, last night, the Lebanese army agreed to supply six million litres of oil to the two plants. According to the Ministry of Energy, the same amount of power is being supplied as for the complete power outage.

Generator sharing

The power outage didn’t change much for the Lebanese: they have to do it for months with one or two hours of power per day, and businesses and residents who can afford it often share a generator, so they have electricity at other times.

Since the end of the Lebanese civil war in 1990, energy supply has been particularly bad. The problems have been exacerbated by the economic crisis. The country suffers from unemployment, poverty and rising prices. The value of the currency, the Lebanese pound, has fallen by 90 percent since 2019.