Reiswereld sends corona letter to Brussels for a jumble of advice

In a letter of fire sent on Friday, the entire travel and aviation sector and the trade unions in Europe are calling on the European Commission to take urgent action now in the corona crisis. The jungle of different travel advice, quarantine requirements and testing measures is unworkable, the letter says.

It strongly advocates a harmonised policy that must enter into force as soon as possible, otherwise the majority of the aviation industry is in danger of going under. “The passenger can no longer tie up any rope and stays at home. Confidence must return, otherwise more and more travel companies will collapse,” said a spokesman for Airlines for Europe, the European airline industry association.

Schiphol also supports the call. “It is important to have clearer rules and regulations in Europe, instead of the patchwork of travel restrictions and colour codes for the countries. We are also in favour of more testing. The best thing would be for all travellers from high-risk areas to have themselves tested before they board an aircraft. As is already happening with luggage checks, when things are not allowed on board,” said a spokesman.

Chop-chop policy

Koepel Airlines for Europe, to which, among others, Air France KLM is affiliated, confirms the remarkable cry for more order and regularity in the corona crisis, so that everyone knows where they stand. A total of more than 25 European organisations have signed the open letter to President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission.

“An unambiguous EU Testing Protocol must be drawn up with immediate effect. This is an absolute top priority. The current chopping policy in the Member States is completely off the mark. That is not a solution,” says the spokesman.

More than 27 million people work in the European travel and aviation sector. Very many jobs will be at risk if there is no central corona policy in Europe. The Ectaa Tourist Dome, where the ANVR is involved, and the Hotrec Hotel Dome are also signatories.

The number of flights in Europe will be more than halved this year, according to the latest Eurocontrol air traffic control forecast. The number of passengers will fall to a third and there will be losses of EUR 140 billion. Consumers, both for holidays and business travel, are increasingly frustrated by the barriers, according to the letter writers.