‘Rejected official mistress Thai king in mercy again’

Thai king Vajiralongkorn has reinstated his official mistress Sineenat ‘Koi’ Wongvajirapakdi in mercy. That is what sources from the royal palace say to the British journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall, who is specified in the Thai royal house.


In a statement her behavior was called “disrespectful” and the king sent her to a prison in Bangkok. According to the latest reports from the palace, the king has now forgiven her and she will be released on Friday. After that she would fly to Germany to join the king, who lives in Bavaria.

The Thai king has come under fire in his country the last few days. There are more and more protests against the government and recently also against the king himself. The latter is remarkable because criticism of the royal house is forbidden in Thailand and carries heavy penalties.

‘Never in Thailand’

Since he took office, Vajiralongkorn has gained more and more power. For example, he placed a few army units under his control and was able to decide on the finances of the royal family himself.

But what bothers the demonstrators the most is that their own king is almost never in Thailand. He spends most of his time in Germany. His wife, queen Suthida, doesn’t live in Thailand either. She doesn’t live with the king either, but has her own house in Switzerland.