Release murderer Robert F. Kennedy imminent

Robert F. Kennedys killer is eligible for release from prison after 53 years. The probation in the U.S. state of California believes that Sirhan Sirhan may be at large, but it is still up to the state governor to ratify that decision. He hasnt revealed what hell do yet.

Sirhan shot Robert Kennedy in 1968 after an election meeting in Los Angeles. Kennedy was working on a promising battle to become President of the United States, just like his previously murdered brother John. The Palestinian-Jordanian Sirhan mentioned RFKs support for Israel as a motive.

Before the murder, Sirhan received the death penalty, but that sentence was transformed into life in 1972 when California abolished the death penalty for some time. He asked for release fifteen times earlier in vain. This time the prosecutor did not object to that for the first time.

Pity and Love

A son of Kennedy was present at the hearing today, where 77-year-old Sirhan appeared in a blue prison overalls. Douglas Kennedy, who was a preschool child when his father died, said he has no objection to release.

โ€œIts overwhelming to see Mr. Sirhan here in person,โ€ the Kennedy counter told the parole committee. โ€œI feared him all my life, but I am grateful to see him today as a person who deserves pity and love.โ€

Sirhan told the commission about his release that he regrets his act and that over the years he has learned to control his anger. His attorney pointed out that he is an example prisoner.

โ€œI never want to get myself in trouble again. I swear. I will always work on peace and nonviolence.โ€


When asked about the current situation in the Middle East, Sirhan was so emotioned that he couldnt talk for a while. When he got back, he explained that the suffering of the people there still touches him, but he now thinks himself too old to interfere with it.

If Sirhan is indeed released, there is a chance that he will be deported to Jordan. If that doesnt happen, he plans to stay with his brother in California.