Release of new episode “VandaVijn” briefly “dropped” Disney+

Today saw the release of the seventh episode of VandaVijn, which briefly dropped Disney+ in the US and UK. Judging by viewer feedback, many experienced problems with their accounts in the service and faced various technical errors. It seems that the peak of difficulties just occurred on the release of a fresh episode of VandaVizhn, after which the service for about 10 minutes has failed to work normally for individual users.

In addition, the new series of the show once again earned high ratings from viewers – at the moment it has 9. 9 points out of 10 on IMDb, although the episode managed to rate not a very high number yet Person.

Usually the score of each series over time is leveled, but with episode 4 consistently does not fall below 9 points. The most negative reviews so far remain in the first two series.

The next episode will premiere on February 26 – it will already be the penultimate series of the season. More on the Gamemania InGame Job launched anonymous job search in the game game game Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury topped the latest retail chart of Japan Rumor: a new class for Diablo IV will become a rabble.

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