Releasing in England: thousands of fans at FA Cup finals and in the Premier League

The last two rounds in the Premier League will be played in partially filled stadiums. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, announced that planned eases continue and thus fans return is possible.
Depending on the size of the stadium, either 25 percent of the stadiums capacity, or ten thousand seats can be filled. In smaller stadiums the percentage will be maintained, while arenas with 40,000 or more places will have to settle for ten thousand occupied places.
In March 2020, there was a massive audience at Premier League matches for the last time. Five months ago, there was still testing with 2000 people present, but that experiment was a short life. Due to the positive vaccination rate there is now much more possible and it is expected that next season will be played again in full stadiums.
In addition to the last two rounds of the Premier League, the final of the FA Cup will also be played for a good number of supporters. The meeting between Leicester City and Chelsea next Saturday, played at Wembley, will be finished in front of no less than 21,000 attendees.