‘Relegated with Volendam, was against most goals. Next day, Ajax’ calls

Jeroen Verhoeven almost fell off his seat when he was called by Ajax to talk about a transfer to Amsterdam. Verhoeven, goalkeeper of FC Volendam at the time, thought he was taken in the blink by his teammate Kees Kwakman.
Verhoeven initially couldn‘t believe that he got a call from the club from Amsterdam and immediately had to think of Kwakman. โ€œKees is quite good at imitating classics,โ€ says Verhoeven in the ShowKeepersPodcast. โ€œWe were at Volendam’s open day and then I got a call, I think Danny Blind said. At the time, he was technical director (at Ajax, ed.). He said, do you have ears for that?โ€
Verhoeven‘s response was telling. โ€œI said: Kees, fag up anyway. Then I looked to the left and saw Kees sitting there, without his phone. Then I said, well, maybe you should call my agent.โ€ Verhoeven didn’t expect it to say the least. โ€œI was relegated with Volendam, scored the most goals. And the next day Ajax callsโ€, so he closes laughing.

๐Ÿ“ž When Ajax called, Jeroen Verhoeven thought @keeskwakman14 was pondering him.โ€ I said: Kees, fag!โ€ Showkeepers with @VerhoevenJeroen โฌ‡๏ธ Spotify: https://t.co/fd0jLiyTNpApple: https://t.co/PUI0gw8uXuYouTube: https://t.co/jUwRAQecJP pic.twitter.com/ZhQihJhQ4H
โ€” ShowKeeper Podcast (@Showkeepers) December 16, 2021